No Wagering Free Spins 2023

 We all like to get something for free, it’s human nature. Therefore, it’s no wonder that online casino players are crazy about free spins. This is one of the most popular types of casino bonuses in 2023 and arguably one of the most determining factors for players who chose between online casino websites in New Zealand. The only problem is that these free spins aren’t completely free, or they haven’t been until now when you can claim a bonus that includes no wagering free spins.

For years, online casinos have been offering free spins but the problem was that, even if we win something with free spins, we weren’t able to withdraw the money all that easily. The problem was always in wagering requirements, which requested players to wager pretty big amounts of money before they become eligible for payouts.

Many players felt tricked, but the fault was on their side because they didn’t read on and understand the terms and conditions well. Fortunately, this will end soon, as more and more online casinos are now offering no wagering free spins, which allow players to withdraw money without any wagering requirements.

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Free Spins Without Wagering Requirement in New Zealand

What Are No Wagering Free Spins?

Simply said, no wagering free spins are a type of bonus where players don’t have to wager in order to become able to withdraw their money.

Once you claim a bonus like this, you will get a number of spins and a chance to win money with them. So far, everything looks the same as with other free spin bonuses. The main difference occurs once you win cash.

With classic no deposit free spins, you would have to wager a much bigger sum to become eligible to withdraw the money. In the case of no wagering free spins, you are allowed to withdraw the money you’ve won pretty much immediately, as there are no wagering requirements or any other restrictions of this type.

Of course, this sounds great. For the first time, we can say that online casinos offer bonuses that are actually fair. Still, no wagering free spins are not ideal, as there are some negative sides as well.  

Free spins that don’t require wagering will let you withdraw your winnings at any given time, but always require a deposit.

No Wagering Free Spins: Positive Sides

Let’s start with the good things about no wagering free spins first. Besides the fact that you don’t have to bother with the wagering requirement, a good thing about this bonus is that you can withdraw everything you’ve won whenever you want.

Also, most casinos that have this kind of bonus offers aren’t too restrictive in terms of eligible games. In most cases, you will be able to use these spins to play a vast majority of the casino’s offers, including the most popular titles.

  • No Wagering: As the name says, this is the biggest benefit of no wagering free spins. You don’t have to worry about wagering requirements.
  • Withdraw What You Win: As there are no wagering requirements, you can use the money you’ve won in any way you want. You can use it to continue playing and win even more money, or you can withdraw the cash whenever you feel you’ve had enough.
  • Broad Range of Games: Most of these bonus offers come with a broad range of eligible games, which means that you can use your free spins on the most popular pokies as well.

No Wagering Free Spins: Negative Sides

Although way better than free spins with wagering requirements, no wagering free spins still come with a couple of drawbacks.

  • Fewer Free Spins Given: Although it’s not always the case, online casinos usually give fewer free spins when compared to free spin bonuses that come with wagering requirements. Also, they may come with a lower value or lower max bet size.
  • Max Withdrawal Sum: In some cases, this bonus offer may also come with a limited max withdrawal sum. So, no matter the win, you won’t be able to withdraw more than what’s the maximum win cap.
  • Deposit required: Compared to free online pokies, in order to claim a free spins offer that won’t require any wagering, a deposit is required.
roulette wheel partypokies

How To Claim Free Spins With No Wagering Required?

This is a really simple process that requires no more than a few steps. The easiest way is to check our list of no wagering free spin bonus offers on click on the one you find most attractive.

The hyperlink will lead you to the casino’s website and you will also get a promo code. Once you finish the registration process, you will be asked to enter the code. Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy free spins with no wagering requirements.

It’s important to know that some online casinos require players to make a deposit first. In that case, you will be asked to enter the code once you finish the first payment. In some cases, you will even have to spend some cash before you get the chance to use free spins.

In any case, be sure that all bonus offers on our list are fair and fully transparent, so you may count on a great experience.

Things To Consider

Even though these free spins don’t require wagering, that doesn’t mean that they come without any restrictions.

There are still some things to consider when choosing between different offers and we suggest you read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Minimum Deposit: One of the first things to look for when reading terms and conditions is to see if a deposit is required. If it is, make sure to check what’s the minimum deposit sum you have to pay. Choose the one that isn’t too high and you feel comfortable with.
  • Deposit Method: Another very important thing to check is to see if all payment methods are valid for claiming no wagering free spins. Some online casinos may have a list of payment methods that are not valid for free spins. Those are usually the most popular e-wallets, such as Skrill or Neteller.
  • Max Withdrawal Sum: Once you learn all about deposit requirements, you should check the max withdrawal sum. Simply, even if you win some pretty big cash with free spins, you won’t be able to withdraw all of it, but only a maximum win cap. Logically, you should look for bonus offers with high max withdrawal sums.
  • Max Bet Size: Make sure to check the maximum bet size of your spins. In some cases, free spins have a fixed value. In others, you will be able to adjust the value of each spin but even that will be limited to a pretty modest sum.
  • Games: We already mentioned that most online casinos allow you to play most of the games with free spins. However, there are always some restrictions and some games may be excluded from the offer. This particularly refers to the most popular titles or pokies with the highest RTP.
  • Expiry Date: Most of us will use all free spins right away. However, there is a small group of players who like to leave some spins for later. For them, it’s good to know if there are some restrictions. In most cases, no wagering free spins come with an expiry date, so you should find out how much time you’ll have to use all of them.
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As you can see, free spins without wagering restrictions can be found, especially if you browse through Partipokies. These bonus offers are a way better deal compared to traditional free spin promotions that come with high-demanding wagering requirements.

Chances to keep what you win are significantly higher in this case but you should be aware that no wagering free spins also come with some restrictions and limitations, as we mentioned before.

Therefore, it’s vastly important to read the terms and conditions, so you can get known every aspect of the bonus offer. Only in that way, you will enjoy these free spins in their full capacity.

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