Editorial Principles and Guidelines

  • The pillars of our journalism and editorial principles stem from the perspective of the reader while keeping innovation and adherence to current trends.
  • The Site shall be critical to any gathered information, current legislation, and regulations while delivering an opinion-based and editorial service.
  • The Site’s editorial principles hall be true and trustworthy. No false ties to operators skewing the information or similar behavior are part of our way of presenting facts and opinion-based information.
  • The Site is part of the Australian MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics and are aligned with the moral and ethical compass set out herein. Do you wish to report any content on the site, please contact us through https://partypokies.com/contact-us/.

How We Deal with Sources and Third-Party Information

  • The Site aims at gathering information from its first-hand source. As an example, this could be straight from the operator’s own website or through any legislative or regulatory entity.
  • We also cite other well-established sources. In these cases, clear and visible references to the source will be present in the form of a link.
  • Source Protection. Source protection is a means for us to continuously gather and get advised with resourceful information from anonymous sources. You can always feel safe when contacting us for any type of conflict resolution, tips, complaints, or information about malpractice. In any case, you are anonymous to our readers, we require basic personal information in order to deem your information to be trustworthy.

How We Deal With Sources In Conjunction with Our Editorial Principles

  • PartyPokies and the editorial team have well-established methods for analyzing sources and third-party information.
  • Any images, pictures, and people displayed in pictures are vetted both through consent and intellectual property laws such as copyright protection.
  • We also have ethical and moral standings when it comes to publishing and displaying certain kinds of images on the Site.
  • Despite this, we could make mistakes. This is how we correct them:

How We Correct Inaccurate Information

  • Partypokies always strive to present correct and fruitful information. If we do anything wrong and notice it, we correct it as a top priority as soon as it comes to our attention.
  • Smaller graphical or typos are corrected straight in the text, while severe inaccuracies are clearly displayed and marked as such.
  • We rarely remove content from the Site, but if we deem it so inaccurate that it would do more harm than good to keep it on the Site, it will be removed and marked as such. No one else but our editorial staff can affect this decision.
  • Contact us in order to report any inaccuracies at https://partypokies.com/contact-us/.

How We Deal With Interviews

  • We never interview anyone under the age of 18.
  • We can always let the interviewee see the citations prior to publishing, but cannot guarantee to change how it will be displayed.
  • We cite everything by word for word but could change small typos to make a citation more readable.
  • When giving interviews, all information given is truthful and honest where our Editorial Principles and morals are clearly reflected.

How We Protect Our Visitors Through Editorial Guidelines.

Our Editor in Chief Noah Turner has, together with the team, come up with principles that truly reflect what the Site and Partypokies stand for. Read more about this here:

Privacy Policy
Cookies and Data Storage Policies

Partypokies in Social Media

  • Partypokies is where the readers are, and that includes being shared in other types of media. Partypokies and the Site can be shared freely throughout the web and are encouraged and appreciated by the team.
  • Our editorial team takes their profession as journalists very seriously which demands impartiality and objectivity. We do not take a stand for political parties or on issues and topics we cover.